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Shenzhen Foreign Trade Asia-Boost industrial co., LTD. Is a sino-foreign joint venture established in 1985 with the approval of shenzhen municipal government and controlled by China packaging import and export corporation. Its registered capital is 10 million yuan RMB. Business scope: engaged in packaging and decoration design and related consulting; Industrial investment and import and export of goods and technologies.

Since the company founded, relying on the overall strength of China packaging import and export corporation, make full use of the special economic zone policy advantage, active play to the role of the foreign trade "window", in an increasingly competitive market, have the courage to explore, self- accumulation, self-perfection, the self-development, stable conducive to trade, establish "industry and trade union, all-round development" the management idea.

For more than 30 years, from the beginning, growth to the rise, the company has always adhered to the economic efficiency as the center, the principle of laying equal stress on the model and the benefit, combined with its own reality, constantly adjust the business model, tap the potential of the enterprise, improve the level of operation.

To this end, the company is acting according to one's ability, gradually develop; The annual  turnover has been increasing year by year and has reached the level of 300 million yuan RMB in recent years. Second, timely adjustment of business structure, actively expand export trade; Its export products involve sanitary ware, luggage, stainless steel utensils, toys, Musical Instruments, daily necessities, household appliances and other categories, thousands of varieties, exported to Europe, the United States, Asia and other developed countries. The company began to formally participate in the Canton fair in 2004, and over the past decade, the export products have been continuously enriched. At present, I t’s close to the annual export value of 40 million us dollars.

Looking forward to the future, our company not only to maintain the steady development of the main business income, but also to focus on vigorously expanding domestic and foreign trade, constantly developing a new generation of high-quality products, to strengthen the establishment of corporate image. At the same time, we are full of confidence in the company's prospects, and willing to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, credibility, practical, with our sincere and thoughtful service, win the trust of customers, so that the enterprise continues to develop and grow.

Shenzhen Foreihn Trade Asia-Boost Industrial Co., Ltd

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