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Successful completion of the 110th Canton Fair

Successful completion of the 110th Canton Fair

The 110th China Export Commodities Fair was held in Guangzhou from October 15th to November 4th. Our company has exhibited in the third phase. The first phase, construction and decoration materials, household appliances, electronics and consumer goods; the second phase, dining and kitchen supplies, household goods; the third phase, luggage. The current Canton Fair coincided with the slowdown in the recovery of the world economy, especially the European and American economies, insufficient external demand, and a sharp drop in market transactions, which directly reduced the increase in transactions at the Canton Fair. There were a lot of overseas buyers, but most of them were on the sidelines. Moreover, most of the merchants attending the meeting are in emerging market countries, and the number of orders and the increase in transaction value have decreased compared with last year. The negative impact of the weak economy in Europe and the United States on my country’s exports has gradually appeared, coupled with severe domestic inflation, substantial increases in raw materials and labor costs, interest rates increase Factors such as exchange rate appreciation will make exports more difficult next year. However, through the Canton Fair, it serves the purpose of strengthening communication with foreign businessmen, promoting our company, and establishing a corporate image. The effect of the contract signed at the meeting remains to be seen. The next step is to implement the export orders of the Canton Fair, to complete the company's export tasks at the end of the year and next year's export plan, and to formulate a brand new export target. All the staff are working together to prepare for the new year's export work.
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